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Misha Vilenchuk wearing a blue suite with a smile on his face

Recommended Partners

Parents and adult learners often ask me for recommendations when selecting resources to help them improve other skills. 

I try my best to recommend partners that share our mission to help others learn through quality lessons.

- Former National Champion & Founder
Misha Vilenchuk

Voice and Performance logo

Marina Poplavskaya-Guedouar is an operatic performer with leading soloist roles with the Bolshoi Theater, London’s Royal Opera, and the Met Opera. She offers voice and performance lessons.

AdmissionSigh logo

AdmissionSight is an Ivy League Admissions Consulting Company led by Eric Eng, a lifelong learner and avid chess player. Their Ivy League success rate is over 75%.

Russian Club of Columbus Logo

The Columbus Russian Club specializes in teaching children from 2.5 year to 17 years, as well as offers classes for adults. Their offerings in Columbus, OH include piano, choice, Russian-language daycare, theater, Russian classes, and much more.

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