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Pre-Screened Chess Coaches

All of our coaches are selected based on proficiency, experience, and emotional intelligence.

Proven curriculum

Our learning program is designed to follow the chess steps curriculum and MM's Professional Development Program.

Online chess lessons for everybody!

Flexibility is our main strength! We fit to your schedule, budget and goals like no other.

  • No auto-renewal.

  • Class credits never expire.

  • Classes are 100% cancelable with advanced notice.

You get an email

Giving you further info about the class, and asking you about a good time for your lesson (you can book any time you'd like)

Email inbox with an unread email from MM Chess
Meet your new chess coach

After the connection is done, one of our coaches will send you details for the lesson. 

Picture of chess coach Emanuel Vaglio playing chess on a board
Picture of chess coach Olya Penkrat
picture of chess coach Bernadette Galas
Picture of Edwin Urbina, chess coach
Have fun!

Feel engaged with new chess concepts and strategies through Lichess and Zoom.

Once a month we host online chess tournaments, free for all of our students. Make sure you are subscribed to our Newsletter to receive updates!

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  • What makes MM Academy qualified to teach?
    Head Coach Misha Vilenchuk developed a system to find the best chess masters to teach from around the world. As a result, we select instructors based on the following qualifications: A Master-level player as certified by FIDE or a national chess federation Strong communicative skills in English Emotional intelligence (& the ability to adapt lessons as needed) Experience teaching chess to children Trained by the MM Professional Development Program Find all of our coaches here
  • How are payments done?
    Our 200+ students use Stax for payments. You can see what they have to say here.
  • What process is used to teach at MM Chess Academy ?
    Our teachers believe in a systematic approach. We focus on building analytical skills by introducing one new concept at a time, and assigning homework throughout the week. The teaching is rooted in the Chess Steps curriculum.
  • How can I take the trial?
    If you would like to Book a trial lesson over the website click here. In this case, you’ll pay directly on the website. If you would like to schedule directly with us, let us know: The best time for you, and your time zone. Level of the student. Age of the student. Your email address and phone number. If you have a preferred coach (optional). You can check them out here. We’ll send a $10 invoice link over so you can pay in advance as a confirmation fee. We can accept Venmo or Zelle for the trial, but regular payments are done via invoice (Stax Payments) After the trial, the MM Coach will send the guidelines for enrolling in private lessons
  • Do you teach adults?
    Of course! They can take private lessons. Send an email to if you would like to join a group or private lesson
  • Why I should choose MM Chess Academy ?
    MM Chess Academy is unique. 1. We hyperfocus on each individual student. 2. We follow a systematic process, rooted in the Chess Steps curriculum. 3. We are certified Masters. 4. We have a simple payments system.
  • How Online Lessons Works ?
    Classes are taught using: - A video medium such as Zoom or Google Meets - An interactive chessboard, such as Both you and the coach can move the pieces and draw arrows. ​ The coach will teach you new ideas, analyze your games, and answer any questions you have. Our focus is on teaching, not just playing.
  • What is the range of price for these classes ?
    We offer affordable prices of $25-35/hour. There is:​ No auto-renewal Class credits never expire Classes are 100% cancelable with advanced notice
  • Do you also do this for autistic children?
    Yes! We have some kids on the spectrum and one teacher that specifically works with a few kids with autism/learning disabilities.
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