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Do online chess lessons work? Are they better than in-person?

Updated: 5 days ago

Learning chess is a rewarding and challenging hobby that can improve your cognitive skills, creativity, and strategic thinking. However, not everyone has the time, money, or access to a qualified chess coach or a local chess club.

For that reason, online lessons are becoming more popular and convenient for aspiring chess players. But are online lessons as effective as in-person classes? Here are some pros and cons of learning chess with online lessons.

Pros of online chess lessons:

- Your pace and schedule

Online lessons allow you to choose when and how often you want to study chess. And some academies like ours offer a totally flexible schedule

- You can access a variety of resources and instructors

Not every coach and student is the same, so finding a perfect match for the best results is essential.

Online you can scope for the full range of coaches there are available. Even better, you’re not restricted to looking in the same area, you can have a coach from anywhere in the world!

- You can save money and time.

Online lessons are usually cheaper than hiring a private coach or joining a chess club. You also don't have to travel or commute to attend the lessons.

Cons of online chess lessons:

- You may lack feedback and interaction.

Online lessons may not provide the same feedback or guidance on your progress as in-person. You may also miss the social aspect of learning chess with other people.

- You may lose motivation and discipline.

Online lessons require self-motivation and discipline to stick to your learning plan and avoid distractions. That’s why in this case is crucial that the parent oversees her child’s improvement or you have a clear sight on what you want to achieve.

- You may face technical issues or limitations.

Online lessons depend on the quality and reliability of your internet connection, device and software. You may also encounter some limitations in terms of visualizing the board, analyzing positions, or playing practice games.

We use and Zoom for our classes, for example; but this doesn’t give us the same interaction we get in person, though is pretty close.

Is online chess different from real chess?

I don't know if we should call "real chess" one or the other but the rules, game modes and overall aim of the game are the same, though with online chess you can draw arrows on the board, play with a computer, play with people from all around the world and even study famous plays in seconds.

Where can I learn chess online for free?

Platforms like offer a great variety of studies, puzzles, and games that can help you learn the basics of the game, although if you'd like to have a deep understanding of it the best option is to have a coach that can help you.

Also, YouTube is filled with great channels that teach you how to play the game and entertain you with puzzles and fun chess subjects. Our channel is great for intermediate players


Online lessons are a great way to learn chess if you are looking for flexibility, affordability, and variety. However, they also have some drawbacks that you should be aware of and overcome.

When you overcome said drawbacks, the results are amazing. Many of our younger students have reached 1200elo in a matter of months and won state and local championships

Ultimately, the effectiveness of online lessons depends on your personal preferences, goals, and learning style. You should try to find the best online lessons that suit your needs and complement them with other resources and activities to enhance your chess skills.

You're not sure about chess lessons? Schedule a trial with one of our masters

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