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Will chess give your kid an advantage in the AI era?

Updated: Sep 20

Imagine how different our world is today compared to 30 years ago. A single invention (the internet) has transformed our economy, our culture, and our lives in ways we never imagined. How did this even happen?

The short answer: it happened because some people embraced change and adapted to the new opportunities. They saw the signs of a new era and they were ready for it, and like them, you can be a step ahead of the curve when it comes to educating your children

Now we are facing another big change, even bigger than the internet. It's the era of artificial intelligence (AI).

This era will reward people who are creative, and rational at the same time. Who's going to give orders to that AI?

People who can challenge the status quo and innovate in the workplace are gold in today's world but imagine tomorrow... We cannot teach our children to work like machines, we have to teach them to work like humans and to use their greatest strength: Creativity!

Create like superhumans

How much easier would it be for engineers to tackle complex projects without spending hours on predictions and numbers, or for doctors to provide the best possible diagnosis without examining every patient variant? AI offers incredible opportunities for professionals to truly showcase their skills by focusing on what they excel at!

By preparing children to harness their unique personalities and intellectual strengths, they'll be able to fully realize their potential and make the most of their abilities. Imagine the amazing futures they will create!

AI will make the good in their minds shine even more, so it's a good idea to strengthen those key points.

How to prepare our children for AI

Like the marathoners who try to run for longer and the heavyweight lifter who wants to lift more, they strive to train the muscles that help them do so. So, how do we train our children to exercise their brains in a world where creativity, self-confidence, and logical thinking are a must?

I can’t say chess is the only activity that stimulates cognition, but I surely think is unique, because it offers self-improvement, fun, and future-thinking as a combo!

Playing chess relates to a higher degree of cognitive ability including creativity, logical thinking, decision-making, and empathy. It’s brain weight-lifting! As one study finds, professional chess players can burn up to 6000 calories in a championship, our brain is the most energy-demanding organ in the body and it shows how chess can put it to the test

Chess is simply going to make more natural the way your children make decisions, solve problems, and ideate about the future because they already do it for play!

The difference between playing chess and experiencing it

It’s ok to think that casual chess playing can do the job because it will to some degree. It’s like going to the gym once a week, which will do a big part of the muscle stimuli though you won’t make big gains from it.

Don’t get me wrong here! There’s no need for your child to be the new Magnus Carlsen and put 8 hours a day into playing the game, but if you do at least 2 hours a week of learning, and actually playing between, the results can be immense.

The best of all, it doesn’t have to be boring, because it’s not! Chess can be very fun if you know how to embrace the habit, that is not seeing it as a must, but as a way of recreation.

Small tournaments are a great example of how your kid can engage in a healthy and empowering community.

Find out more about tournaments happening near you by clicking here.


There are many activities that can augment the cognitive strength of kids, even some videogames can do the trick, but in the end, the oldest game in the room wins by far when it comes to engagement, development, and self-improvement.

A good ratio between physical and cognitive exercise can make a gigantic difference in the development of a child, and it doesn’t have to be a matter of pressing too hard each day, because what wins races is not how hard you play, but how consistent you are!

If you’d like chess to become a positive agent of your child’s future let us know and we will help you! Schedule a trial lesson today and see if chess is a wise choice

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