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Introducing: 10-Week Boot Camps

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

"Misha, how come you only offer online 1-1 classes?"

"Misha, is there a community where my daughter can practice that's not the weekly tournament? She's not ready to play yet."

"Why don't you guys do group lessons?"

To be completely frank: there were no group lessons because I wasn't sure I could retain their quality. Given that I quit my job and decided to commit to MM full-time this July, I present to you: chess boot camp! Register here or message me at Each class will be 6 students and include a small tournament at the end of every lesson. Below are details on each class.

The Beginner Boot Camp

The beginner class will be taught by the talented national master Edwin Urbina. Edwin will cover all the fundamentals in a fun and engaging way. His years of experience, combined with his prepared coursework and emotional intelligence will make this the ideal first group class you should join.

The Intermediate Boot Camp

The intermediate class is taught by one of our strongest teachers, Fabian Vivas. Fabian's will go through higher-level ideas, analyze famous games, and review everything from endgames to new openings.

The Advanced Boot Camp

The advanced class will be run by FIDE master Steven Breckenridge. The class will be more intimate and will engage students in brand new ideas they've never seen before. Steven's curriculum is built through his 10+ years of teaching, including with former US Champion Alexander Onischuk.


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