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The Power of the Chess Steps Method at MM Chess

Updated: Apr 30

At MM Chess, we're passionate about nurturing young minds through the game of chess. And at the core of our success lies a powerful teaching methodology: the Chess Steps Method. This proven approach, developed by renowned educators Rob Brunia and IM Cor van Wijgerden, provides a structured and engaging learning experience, taking children from absolute beginners to National Master level.

A Legacy of Excellence

The Chess Steps Method boasts a rich history and a remarkable track record. Established in 1987, it has become the official method of the Royal Dutch Chess Federation and is widely used throughout Europe and the United States. Grandmasters like Loek van Wely and Erwin L'Ami, among many other successful chess players, have honed their skills using this exceptional method.

Tailored to Young Minds

The Chess Steps curriculum is deeply rooted in child development principles. It recognizes the unique learning styles of children and incorporates them into its structure. Lessons are designed as small building blocks, ensuring children grasp each concept before moving on. This "material - spatial - time" approach aligns perfectly with the cognitive development of young learners.

Learning Through Play

The Chess Steps Method emphasizes active learning through play and analysis. And the heart of this learning lies within the Chess Steps workbooks. These workbooks are filled with carefully crafted exercises that correspond to the lessons in the Chess Steps manuals. While the manuals are a fantastic resource for teachers, especially those new to chess instruction, the true magic happens when children actively engage with the exercises in the workbooks.

Workbook Options for Every Learner:

  • Workbook: The foundation of practice, offering a comprehensive set of exercises aligned with each learning step.

  • Workbook Extra: Provides additional practice for those who need a little more reinforcement.

  • Workbook Mix: Challenges students with mixed exercises, simulating the unpredictable nature of real games.

The workbooks are designed to promote independent problem-solving. Solutions are available online, encouraging children to first attempt the exercises on their own and then check their answers, fostering a sense of self-reliance and accomplishment.

Expert Guidance

At MM Chess, all our coaches are not only Chess Masters themselves but are also rigorously trained in the Chess Steps Method. They understand how to select the appropriate workbooks for each child's level and guide them through the exercises, ensuring optimal learning and progress.

Unlocking Potential, One Step at a Time

With the Chess Steps Method and its exceptional workbooks as our foundation, we at MM Chess are committed to fostering a love for chess in children while empowering them with valuable life skills. Our structured approach, combined with the expertise of our coaches, ensures that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential on and off the chessboard.

Ready to embark on your child's chess journey? Contact MM Chess today and discover the magic of the Chess Steps Method!


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