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The Youngest Grandmaster Ever!

Updated: Jun 28

Issue 8 | MM Chess | July 2021

Welcome back to the 8th issue of the Mindful Masters Newsletter, the best (and only?) monthly chess newsletter you receive. I cover chess culture and relevant wisdom I've collected along the way. Last month we welcomed the newest students: Darrin, Aharon, Nuria, Mark, and Danny!

My story♟️

💍 I’m getting married! My fiancé Yana and I are sealing the deal this month, so expect a shorter email on August 1. She doesn’t play chess, but is around my online classes so often she’s probably about ~1000 rated. Tune in on Facebook Live at 5pm CT, on July 25th.

Chess Ideas 💡

⛈️ New Puzzle Storm Record (Again)! We’ve got some new records on Puzzle Storm. Arnaud: 38 (+6 from last month), Oliver: 35 (+1 from last month), , Liam: 24 (+1), Raphael: 23 (+1). What’s your record?

🏆 2018 US Chess Champion Sam Shankland is back. Fellow Brandeis University alumnus and teammate Sam Shankland is back on top after winning the Prague Masters tournament, performing at a higher level than Magnus Carlsen. Here’s a great lecture for all levels of his game from the US Chess Championship.

━☆゚ Chess Opening Tricks. My coach, Grandmaster Zahar Efimenko, outlines famous tricks in the opening. The video is in Russian, so you may need subtitles.

⛓️ Magnus Carlsen keeps winning. As I write this on June 30th, Magnus, the chess world champion, is tied for first in the Goldmoney Asian Rapid on Chess24. In the following position, Wesley So (White) played Ra2 against Magnus (Black). What trick is he setting up after Rh2+?

Fun Chess Ideas 😄

🔥 Abhimanyu Mishra became the youngest chess grandmaster EVER. Mishra, born on February 5, 2009, took 12 years, four months, and 25 days to obtain the highest title in chess. He’s a chess prodigy from NJ.

💀 Magnus lost in 8 moves. No, really, the World Champion accidentally fell for a mate in a game with 1 minute per side. Here’s the game, where Magnus was playing Black.

🗼 Chess Cities. Grandmaster David Smerdon develops quantitative methods to track chess openings, variants, and players. This is a fun chart he created this month.

That’s it for this month. You know where to find me:!


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