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Chess for parents who hate overcrowded classes

Updated: Jun 29

Are you tired of overcrowded group classes that leave your child feeling lost and uninspired? Look no further. In MM's group classes, your child will receive the individualized attention they deserve with class sizes limited to just 2-6 students.

With our current largest class boasting only 6 students, your child will have the opportunity to thrive in a small and supportive environment led by a chess master.

Enroll your child today and watch as they develop their analytical skills, creativity, and foresight, all while building confidence in a fun and engaging way.

Classes start next week, so don't miss out on this opportunity for your child to reach their full potential in chess!

Cost: $130 for 10 one-hour sessions and a monthly tournament.

How To Register: Book your classes here

Adult Improvers: If you’re an adult improver looking to join a group class, please let me know your availability. 4 of our teachers have experience teaching adults, and I would be happily organize something around your schedule.


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