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The ultimate guide to Chess Classes in Chicago. Find the best options

Updated: Feb 3

If you're looking for a way to improve your chess skills, learn new strategies, or just have fun with other chess enthusiasts, you might be interested in taking some chess lessons in Chicago.

There are many options, and each has its advantage. All of the providers here offer something different that adapts to different needs, so one might be better than others depending on the case.

In this blog post, we will review some of the most popular and reputable chess lesson providers in Chicago, and give you some tips on what to look for when choosing a chess instructor.

Chess coaches in Chicago

Chess Wizards is one of the largest and most established chess lesson providers in Chicago, offering after-school programs, camps, tournaments, and private lessons for children of all ages and skill levels. Chess Wizards was founded in 2002 and has since expanded to other states and countries, and they even franchise!

Their teachers dress up as wizards and use a fun and interactive curriculum that covers all aspects of chess, from basic rules and tactics to advanced concepts and strategies.


  • Offers events and competitions for its students

  • A big community of parents, since they have been around for 20+ years


  • Instructions might be a bit childish and not very oriented to mastery.

  • As a big company, is hard to deliver a personalized and intimate experience to the student

Price point: varies

We’re here locally, so of course we’re going to introduce ourselves! An excellent option for chess lessons in Chicago, especially if you are looking for a more personalized and holistic approach to chess education.

Almost all of MM’s private students take classes online although MM Chess does offer in-person private classes in Chicago, though the availability is limited. MM Chess’s school programs are also offered in more than a dozen Chicagoland schools.

We hire the best award-winning coaches from abroad, so lessons from high-level International Masters (and even Olympic players) don’t have to break the bank.


  • Award-winning and certified coaches

  • Monthly tournaments for everyone

  • Fast and responsive feedback from coaches and the internal team

  • Tested and proven curriculum (chess steps)

  • Totally flexible schedule


  • Operates mostly online

  • Limited availability for in-person lessons

  • Some of our coaches have distinctive accents

Price point: $29 - $35 (private online), $130 (10-class online bootcamps).

If you’re looking for premium* online lessons, this is the academy for you. Of course, paying for a skilled National or International Master in the US can’t be cheap. You’ll get what you’re looking for; excellency and a tested curriculum, but at a cost of over twice our rates for online lessons, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it


  • Award-winning and certified coaches

  • Track of professionalism

  • Tested and proven curriculum

  • Partnerships with schools


Price point: $80/h (private online), $130/h (private in-person), $60/h (online-group lessons)

How to find the right chess coach

Finding the right online chess coach for your child might seem like a daunting task, but with a few helpful tips, you'll be able to identify a great one in no time! Let’s get into it:

  • Look for coaches with a professional online presence, such as a well-designed website or a strong social media presence. These coaches are more likely to be invested in their work and committed to their students

  • Check for certification or accreditation from well-known chess organizations. This shows that the coach is credible and has the right qualifications to teach your child.

  • Take a look at the coach's teaching style and make sure that it aligns with your child's learning preferences. This could involve scheduling a trial lesson or asking for references from previous students.

With these pointers in mind, you'll be able to find a coach who will help your child grow and excel in chess!

PS: You can have a call with us and we will guide you through the process of choosing the right coach, or maybe we can choose it for you


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