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Headquartered in Chicago, we screen talented chess masters from outside of the US, and work together with them to create the best coaching experience possible.



Perfect For Intermediate Players

I believe that the best way to work with a student is to make chess relevant to their existing interests. I have coached six students to grade-level championships, and many students of mine are ranked in the top 100 for their age groups. I'm a lifelong learner, and take lessons from GM Zahar Efimenko (below) to improve my chess.

Title: National Master

Cost: $50/hour
‍Languages: English, Russian 

Coaching: More than 10 years of experience at schools, other academies, and in person. I have instructed six students to Ohio grade level titles.
Personal Accomplishments: 12th at Illinois Open State Championship (2019), Greater Boston Chess Champion, (2015, 2016), Columbus Open Chess Champion (2013), Tied-2nd, US High School Championship, (2012), 32nd Place, World Youth Chess Championship (2011), 1st Place, Denker Tournament of High School Champions (2011), Tied-1st, North American Championship, Under 18 (2011)


Perfect For Beginners, Intermediate Players

Hello everyone, I am Maria Efimenko. I am one of the strongest Ukrainian players, and am a Woman International Master who has been playing chess for 15 years. I have students across the world. Here is my Wikipedia page.

Title: Women's International Master

Cost: $30/hour

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Coaching: More than 6 years of experience.

Personal: Ukrainians Women’s Blitz Champion (2014). Ukrainian Champion, Up to 18 (2011), European Champion, Under 16 (2012), Silver Medalist of the European Championship, Under 16 (2011), Champion of Ukraine, Up to 14 (2010), Winner of many other international women’s competitions

Perfect For Advanced Players


Perfect For Beginners, Intermediate Players

Above all, I believe that you must always consider your student your friend, even if they are young. Although I've had the help of great coaches, my training has been mostly self-taught, so I know the most frequent mistakes in chess (both in the technical and in the competitive or psychological), so that we can focus training on correcting these mistakes.

Title: FIDE (International) Master

Cost: $30/hour
‍Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Coaching Accomplishments: I have 4 years of experience coaching individually, at academies and as part of the Venezuelan Chess Federation team during the Central American and Caribbean Youth Chess Festival in 2018.
‍Personal Accomplishments:  
Fide Master, Current Fide Elo: 2344. Peak Rating: 2368 (Nov-2019), Member of the Olympic Team in the 43rd Chess Olympiad, Batumi, Georgia, 2018 (scoring 5.5/10), 5 times National Champion of Venezuela in different categories (U-10, U-12, U-16 and U-18), and a Member of the Coaches Team of Venezuelan National Selection during the 2018 Centroamerican and Caribbean Youth Chess Championship in Mérida, Venezuela.


I have been a Grandmaster since 2001, having been rated in the top 40 for many years. I Am a professional chess player (rated 2601) as well as experienced coach. I will improve your opening preparation and strategic skills to the level of a top player. In chess, it is important to be able to play well in the opening, middlegame and endgame. love chess and success will come!

Title: Grandmaster
Cost: $70/hour
‍Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Coach Accomplishments: I have been coaching since 2010, including serving as a "second" for World Champion Vladimir Kramnik (Kazan 2011, London 2013, Khanty-Mansiysk 2014), World Champion Ruslan Ponomarev, and Pavel Eljanov. From 2016-2019, I coached a young talented chess player from Kazakhstan - Zhansaya Abdumalik (World Champion U20, 2017
‍Personal Accomplishments: I have been the World U14 Champion (1999), the Champion of Ukraine (2006), Part of the Gold-winning Ukrainian Olympic Team (2010), the Winner of Euro Cups 2011, and the winner of many international competitions.



"Misha has a gift for teaching children. His patience shows no bounds, and his passion for chess is contagious. Misha has inspired all of my children, ages 5, 8 and 10 years to develop into competitive chess players."

Anna F., Chicago, IL


Perfect For Beginners, Intermediate Players

I am a top Venezuelan player, and have played chess since I was 8 years old. In my experience, the best way to improve in chess is to be motivated, and to adjust the training to the student's style and expectations. 

Title: FIDE (International) Master

Cost: $30/hour
‍Languages: English, Spanish

Coaching Accomplishments: 4 years of experience teaching chess lessons to top chess kids players around the world, and to people who just want to improve in chess in order to beat a friend or gain some rating.
‍Personal Accomplishments:  
School CAC Colombia 2013 (Classic: 1st Place Rapid: 2nd Place Blitz: 2nd Place), Pan-American Youth Championship Brazil 2013 (2nd Place), 1st board South American School Colombia 2011, Central American Chess Colombia 2010 (5th place), and the national chess champion in categories U-10 U-12. 


Perfect For Beginners, Intermediate Players

I learned the game of chess on my own by the age of 8. Based on my experience, it is very important to know the students' strengths and weaknesses so we can progress in a much smoother pace.

Title: FIDE (International) Candidate Master

Cost: $30/hour
‍Languages: English, Tagalog

Coaching Accomplishments: 7 years of coaching experience. Helping students to acquire certain skill sets and goals in order to reach their achievements.
‍Personal Accomplishments:  
4th ASEAN+ Age Group Chess Championships at Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei (2003),
5th ASEAN+ Age Group Chess Championships (2004)
15th ASEAN+ Age Group Chess Championships (2014), Philippine National Junior Champion (2014), Represented Philippines in the World Junior Chess Championship (2014).


Lessons happen over Zoom and the interactive board. Please reach out here if you're interested in lessons.

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